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Ask any at Church of the Resurrection and they will agree that we all LOVE to eat together. As a result we tend to have potluck suppers at the drop of a hat and any number of more organized social events. These include semi-regular men's breakfasts, an annual roast beef dinner, theme dinner and pub night.

Men's Breakfast Club

The Men's Breakfast Club is a group of men who get together from time to time to cook, eat and enjoy each others company. For further information call the Church at 514 697-1910 and leave a message for Paul Van Esbroeck.


  • Our meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. 
  • Celebrate with Pot Luck dinners Celebrate womens successess, sorrows and things of interest
  • Participate in The World Day of Prayer along with 10 other churches
  • Participate in the Annual Christmas Bazaar & Garage Sales
Contact Gladys Randle
We  help the needy in Pointe Claire area. Due to the high cost of rent there is a food shortage problem for the working poor.   The food budget suffers when other needs are to be met.   A couple with two small children can barely manage without help from their family or food bank when earning minimum wages.  Sometimes working at two or three part time jobs a week. 
Everything is more expensive and we have had to buy more non-perishables and give more in vouchers to buy such items as eggs, milk, etc.   Therefore, we have worked harder at soliciting money from outside the ten churches to make up for the shortfall
Contact Laurel Carter (514-630-1668) to help out.
The choir is still small in numbers, but big on enthusiasm.  We enjoy leading the congregational music in Sunday morning worship.  At Christmas we were honoured by the additional voices, which was greatly appreciated. I wish to thank all the faithful members who continue to support the ministry of music in this lovely community. Like all church choirs, we welcome any new members. If you enjoy singing, why not come out and join your voices with ours? You might just enjoy it, and we surely would love to have you along.
Contact Rafael de Castro for more info.
Liturgical dance is a form of prayer that is set to music. This year saw them participate with three dances.
Contact Karen Purcell
Pastoral visiting is something most Christians do without consciously thinking about it.   We help support our families, friends and neighbours by being there for them in times of trouble.
Contact our Priest Ralph.  



The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund works in partnership to represent the deepest commitment of Canadian Anglicans to God’s call for justice, kindness and a faithful life.  Through your generous donations PWRDF was able to respond to the emergencies and provide relief to disaster struck areas.
Contact Nicholas Kohner
Contact Darlene Scott
The duties of the Saint Mary’s Altar Guild include the preparation for services. These include the weekly celebration of the Eucharist and other special services. The Eucharist is a feast, a celebration. So we are preparing every week for a celebration, a party. Parties are special occasions. We want it to be distinctive. We use the best table cloth, the best dishes and we have flowers when we can.
Contact Eileen Hussey
If anyone feels they would like to serve at God's table please contact me at darlene.scott@videotron.ca or see me after church.
Contact Darlene Scott


I would like to sincerely thank each of the Greeters and Sides Persons who are actively involved.  This year we have had several new sides persons as well as some new greeters.  This being said our numbers are very thin and are looking for people to fill the roles as sides persons or greeters,  so if  you are willing to help , then please contact Nicholas, we will give you any training that is required.  Also we are looking for people to count after the 10:00am service.  


Contact Nicholas Kohner


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